Challenges for enrichment classes in Singapore

The concept of a normal classroom is to engage students in a variety of topics which benefit them in knowledge acquisition. Enrichment classes do not use traditional education techniques which are used in almost all schools in Singapore. They practice an interactive learning methodology to help children become experts in other subjects like arts, sports, music, drama, speech and foreign languages.

Education system in Singapore:

The education system of Singapore is considered to be one of the best in the world, still schools are believed to be providing the most basic academic knowledge to the children. It can therefore, be said that enrichment courses are designed to cover loopholes in the Singapore education system and at the same time, prepare students to meet international educational standards. These are some of the reasons why the concept of enrichment classes are so popular in Singapore.

Enrichment classes are beneficial for small Children:

It can be safely said that enrichment classes are more beneficial for children than older students. Normally children between the ages of 6 months to 5 years are the greater beneficiaries of these enrichment programs in Singapore. During this prime age, kids learn to interact and play with other children, get over stranger anxiety, develop affinity towards outside world, learn to stay away from home environment and siblings and able to make new friends. Furthermore, young kids start to use both their cognitive abilities, hands, eyes and mind together, aiding in the development of physical, motor and analytical skills. These skills also help them towards dressing, eating and studying as well. The environment at enrichment classes is encouraging and supporting, where they don’t feel pushed or compelled to attend classes.

Enrichment classes in Singapore; A Challenge:

Sometimes, enrichment classes may not meet the expectations of parents and children. In order to deliver results, enrichment schools may feel pressurized to overload students with too much knowledge. Hence, encouraging children to take more additional programmes. Your kid may start to feel overloaded with this intense pressure, which may be doing more harm than good to their future. Knowledge overload can lead to mind blockage and development of stress and anxiety which could stunt your child’s natural growth. The role of enrichment centres and teachers in Singapore become even essential because they need to create balance between knowledge and development of children.

The role of parents is also essential as far as enrolling their children in enrichment programs is concerned. Parents may just enrol their children in these centres and take some slack off parenting responsibilities. However, parents need to create a balance between sending their children to school and giving them adequate time at home as well. You need to take your kids to different places and introduce them to the outside world as well.

Kids observe, communicate and make comparison. They learn what they see. The role of both parents and teachers is very important as far as learning of children is concerned. Both tend to give what is needed and expected of children at this tender age and emphasize should be making them good human being. Learn more about enrichment classes in Singapore at Wonder Years Parenting Community.

Importance of enrichment classes in Preschool

It is always beneficial to enroll young kids into different interactive enrichment activities. These days learning is not just about reading, writing; it is amalgamation of music, role plays, movement, art programs and athletic programs. The Idea is to develop cognitive, physical and emotional well-being of a child, helping him become a well-rounded individual. It is, thus essential to have different enrichment courses in preschool for children. Some benefits of enrichment classes are mentioned below:

Children learn through new Experience:

When kids are enrolled in pre-schools which offer enrichment courses, it helps in your child’s early development because they get a chance to experience a new environment. At this very young and tender age, a child’s brain is still in a growing age and development is at its peak. The concept of learning music at this age is very beneficial because it leads to development of brain activities at very start of their preschool learning. Similarly, when kids get a chance to engage in different sports activities, they learn concepts like communicating with others, working together, building confidence, decision making, patience thus their personal growth is enhanced. It also prepares them for kindergarten where interaction with other children is enforced.

Development of Social Skills:

When children as young as 8 months are enrolled into an enrichment centre, they start to acquire a sense of independence. They observe their teachers, fellow students, communicate with others and go beyond their comfort zones and boundaries. All these little interactions add on to their experience and thus help in their learning. Furthermore, when your child plays with other children, they socialize, imitate, repeat and thus become socially independent. When they interact with other children through play, your child will acquire skills like problem solving, team work, negotiation and patience which helps them in their future studies and work. When children are taught by different teachers and instructors, their fear and separation anxiety is gone and thus they feel comfortable when enrolled into a pre-school.

Let’s face the outside world with peace:

For young children, the outside world is a brand-new experience. It is indeed challenging for kids to meet and interact people who are neither their parents nor siblings. The responsibility lies on the teachers to strengthen the emotional wellbeing of these children. Although the environment of enrichment classes are new to your child, teachers and caregivers tend to make it warm and supportive. The effective use of encouraging languages and supportive jargon, like “it’s OK, try again, take your time” help children adopt to their new environment better.

Enrichment classes leads to overall development:

Many people don’t understand the true essence of enrichment courses, thus in Singapore many enrichment courses believe in interactive activities which aids in the development of cognitive, physical, emotional well-being of children belonging to all ages. As young as 8 months onwards, when children are very small and trying to get hold of their outside environment, enrichment classes make them socially strong, get control of language skills, motor skills and creativity.

Researchers are of the view that children who attend enrichment classes in pre-school are better equipped towards attending Kindergarten and their adaptability is many folds better. Thus, if you are living in Singapore, then look for preschools which are offering enrichment courses and make a better choice for your child. Learn more about the benefits of enrichment classes at Wonder Years Parenting.

Enrichment classes for Children in Singapore

For kids between the age of 6 months and 6 years, there are some enrichment classes offered in Singapore. Some are focused towards language learning while others offer various extracurricular activities such as drama, music, ballet or sports. This article will share some classes which are designed to offer enrichment courses for children. They are:

  • Time to learn Chinese: If your child is not fond of learning Mandarin, then you have reached the right spot. Mandarin enrichment centres help children develop skill sets for learning Mandarin. This includes creative writing, different cultural programs and language assignments. To help kids fall in love with Mandarin, the program engages students and children through various activities. In addition, some enrichment centres conduct an Annual Cultural night to foster familiarity with Chinese heritage and mandarin language.
  • Thinking skills enrichment: Some parents are too concerned with regards to the learning capabilities of their children. There are certain centres in Singapore designed to stimulate a higher level of learning for children. These centres adopt a student-centric approach which puts emphasis on maximum interaction and creative problem-solving techniques. Kids also get a chance to exercise their thinking patterns, evaluate and analyse situations rather just listening to teachers. Curriculum include using pictures, role plays, music and some tools of social media for learning purpose, which kids enjoy and love to learn with.
  • Learning English centres: Some enrichment schools in Singapore specialise in helping children learn the English language. Through these enrichment classes, children can improve and develop an interest in the English language. From vocabulary to phonics and creative writing, your child will learn to understand and appreciate the beauty of literature from a young age. For younger children, learning the English language can be difficult. However, these centres make language learning easy and fun as well.
  • Conceptual learning: Some enrichment programs focus on practical learning. If parents want their children to learn based on key concepts and central ideas rather than traditional focused learning, then these centres are will help you achieve your conceptual learning goals. Furthermore, these centres also engage in reading and writing activities and sessions, which helps your kids gain confident and enhance cognitive capabilities in them.
  • Art learning centres: Some enrichment schools provide art, drama and speech lessons to children. Kids enhance their skills for English language, participate in drama and different role play activities where their spoken and language skills are enhanced.
  • Reading and writing learning centres: For younger children, between the ages of 8 months to 6 years, reading and writing enrichment schools can help improve their speech, writing and reading skills. Under the supervision of subject specialist teachers, children participate in different activities which are creative and meaningful. Thus preparing them for future school requirements. Apart from this, children also participate in different singing, movement, reading and role playing activities.
  • Learn French language: If you want, your child to become multilingual and learn different languages, then some enrichment classes offer such courses as well. French classes are one such example, in which kids as small as 1 year of age get the chance to dance, sing songs, share stories and engage in different role play, mainly in French.

It is pertinent to mention that lot of enrichment centres in Singapore are offering different courses, sessions and interactive classes for children for all age groups. Some foster language skills in kids, while others are focused on building confidence in children. Based upon the capabilities and learning skills of children, they should be enrolled in a particular enrichment centre to benefit most from them. If you wish to learn more about enrichment classes, do visit Wonder Years Singapore for more information.

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