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What’s So Unique about Nursery Schools in Singapore?

The birth of a baby is the beautiful miracle for parents. It involves utmost effort and hard work. Every stage of the child development is crucial and requires decision making by parents at every step. As soon as the child reaches the age of 3 or 4, parents start thinking about their schooling and here comes the kindergarten and nursery schools. Nursery time are very essential during the early stages of child development. He/she learn to develop language, social norms, group working, interaction with others and getting involved in the environment. So the question, is what is so special about nursery in Singapore and why is it crucial for every child to go through it? More information about nursery school curriculum can be found here:

Helps to create routines

It is true that nursery is all about fun and activities, it also includes curriculum and proper programme in place. The program consists of lesson plans as well as learning objectives. It is true that when environment is thrilling and competitive, kids tend to work hard and thrive hard for it. Every activity and program also helps to familiarise the child on everyday routines like learning good bye, good morning, thank you, mealtimes, bath times etc.

Engage in social settings and learn social norms

Social interaction is very important for kids when they encounter the outside world. They see new faces, new people and learn to communicate with people other than their own family. They also learn to empathize and work in groups. Kids tend to understand their own selves and personal beings, about their likes and dislikes and about other kids.

Learning through play is fun

Apart from rot learning and classroom learning, kids get a chance to learn practically through their toys and play. What is special about nursery schools in Singapore is that they emphasize physical, emotional and mental learning through play and other development activities. It also involves storytelling, which is backed by moral learning, so kids get to know what happens when they do good and what happens when they do bad. Making connections between different learning patterns, plans, causes, sequences and plans help them in exploring the knowledge through different dimensions.

Learning independence in a group setting

The nursery curriculum in Singapore also fosters working alone and some “ME” time for students. Thus, it is not only about social interaction and learning social norms, it is also about being alone with oneself. Kids can engage in different activities during solo time, think critically and emphasize problem solving actions.

Physical activities are also essential

Kids get a chance to engage them in some physical activities in the form of sports and physical exertion.  Rather than staying home and watching TV, or playing gadgets all day long, it is time kids involve their physical as well as mental capabilities. This way their cognitive and motor skills, both are developed, and physical strength is also boost.

Let’s Enjoy Nursery school

It is all about enjoyment and fun, that kids enjoy their time at nursery school which is full of number of activities and fun time. Proper learning methods help them to prepare them for future schooling and tougher routines, which lie ahead.

Selecting the right nursery school at Singapore is essential. It is pertinent to mention that all learning processes being taught in nursery schools in Singapore are properly designed keeping in mind the emotional, physical and mental requirements of every child.

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Benefits of Nursery School Education

Modern education systems start the education process of their students from a very young age. Students as young as three years are enrolled in preschool to start the learning. There are sometimes a lot of off-putting ideas within the parents about enrolling their child at such a tender age but the scale tips in the favor of getting into class.

Singapore boasts of scoring top marks in every exam internationally. The schooling, teaching, curriculum and coaching is exemplary. The government has declared it mandatory for every Singaporean to educate and there are consequences for those parents who do not admit their children in schools. The nation has a flourishing economy and a competitive global market to support it. It has one of the highest GDP’s in the world and it owes it all to its hard working and educated citizens. The country believes that education not only grooms the individual but inculcates patriotism in him.

Education imparts a sense of responsibility and empathy towards fellow citizens and this is the platform on which the success of the nation depends upon. There are many benefits to attending nursery school. An analysis of these is explained below.

Growth of social and academic skills

When the child is taught to learn languages, count and add and make art, they are progressing academically than they would ever do while sitting at home. In addition to this, in class the children not only have physical interactions between themselves but with adults as well. This lays the foundation of how they will for relations in later life. Positive manners and behaviors are also taught this early due to which the child progresses with a positive mindset towards life. Empathy is instilled through teaching how to be generous to everyone around you.

Growth of communicative skills

Physical interactions with peers lead to better communication skills. A child is able to tell more clearly and confidently what he feels and is able to express it in a proper way. The body languages also develop during this time and are further groomed through guidance.

A chance to a better future

Studies have shown that those students who are enrolled early in school have a better chance of not only pursuing higher education than those who don’t but are also successful in their careers. The early education instills in the young minds a better structural thought process that helps them in this regard.

Building of a better moral character

Empathy and care is not only practiced but taught as well in nursey schools. This type of thought process creates individuals who are not only morally just but sympathetic as well to the relations that they form with others. They also participate in community service and have a generous nature.

Learning use of internet and smart devices

Internet is the requirement of the modern world. From ordering a meal online to making a billion dollar business deal, it is everywhere. Children use it to research those topics that are relevant to their school work and learn to play interactive games that help develop their academic, social and professional skills.

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What to Look Out for When Choosing a Nursery School for Your Child

Finally, your child has grown up and you are looking for the best nursery school for him/her to study. You are also concerned with safety and security of your child along with quality of education he/she is going to have. Selecting the right school for a child is one of the most essential and crucial step every parent has to take and it becomes the building block of their long career ahead.

The article will study some of the existing nursery schools in Singapore and what features they are offering, so helping parents in selecting the best one for their infants.

Nursey schools in Singapore are filled with all features which help child learning skills. There are some expensive, other affordable schools; all offering different programs, knowledge base and best learning experiences to kids.

  • British Council Nursery School in Singapore: the pre-school working under the umbrella of British Council works with both EYFS, i.e., Early school foundation years and KCF, i.e., Kindergarten Curriculum Framework, Singapore. It believes in developing the child as a complete individual while emphasizing on hand on knowledge. They offer services like separate Kindergarten to kids of ages 4, 5 and 6 along with pre-nursery to even younger kids.
  • Wharton Nursery/Pre-School for kids: If you want your child to have utmost attention of the child with low teacher student ratio, then Wharton pre-school has this feature to offer. They accept kids as small as 18 months and as big as 6 years. The school understands that each child is unique with different capabilities, thus each child needs different attention, which is only possible if teachers is able to give time to every child. The curriculum designed is also customized, keeping in view every child’s learning requirements and abilities.
  • Masterminds Kindergarten: The overall ambiance of the nursery school is also crucial for offering productive learning opportunities to kids. Singapore is also rich in nursery schools providing safe and healthy environment for kids to grow, learn and grasp knowledge through different activities. This school is offering curriculum, which has been designed for keeping in view the future needs and requirements of the schools. Also critical thinking process and holistic development is also enforced through learning practices.
  • Dover Court international: It is one of the British schools operating in Singapore. It is for kids of age 1,2 and 3 and curriculum is designed in relation to early years foundation stage.
  • MOE Kindergarten: If you intend to send your child to nursery for some hours and also require flexibility of morning or evening session, then check with MOE kindergarten. They work for 4 hours only and in both morning as well as evening session. Parents have freedom of getting their child enrolled in either of the session for four hours.
  • Little hands nursery school: This particular school is special because it emphasizes on learning through joyful and fun related activities. They want students to grasp information through engaging their senses, like sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Snack being offered in the school are also offered in the same manner.

It all depends upon the age as well as the learning capabilities of the child as where he/she has to be engaged in nursery schools. Decision is all up to you, however one needs to proper see all the available option and then decide accordingly.

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Why Many Singaporean and Expat Parents in Singapore are Sending their Kids to International Schools

More and more Singaporean parents and expatriates are sending their kids to international schools, and for good reasons. Unlike public schools, international schools have a fierce reputation for preparing kids to study in any of the best universities in the world. Their curriculum helps students become creative and think more strategically.

Over the years, the international schools in Singapore have helped a lot of students reach their potential and do exceptionally well in core subjects like math, English, and science, just to mention a few.

But things were not always this way. You see, a while back, international schools weren’t mainstream. It was even difficult for expat parents to narrow down a good one because in the area the relocated to they were only a few of them available back then. This slowly changed when they improved their teaching standards and hired well-trained and qualified teachers that can impart knowledge to students with relative ease. 

Read on to find out why many parents in Singapore are sending their kids to international schools.

They prepare students to study abroad

An international school curriculum is somewhat different from public school. They are specifically designed to prepare students to study at top-rated universities abroad. So, if you plan on sending your child to study abroad, then it is wise you send him to an international school. There, he will learn how to interact with people from different nationalities. Also, he will be taught how to speak popular languages like English and Mandarin that is spoken in most universities in the world.

Conducive learning environment

The learning area of most international schools in Singapore is quite impressive. Many of them are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and systems that facilitate learning and encourage creativity. In fact, some of them have unique tools to help kids with special needs.

Qualified teachers

International schools have highly trained teachers that know how to help students improve their cognitive abilities and reach their potential. These teachers make use of things that the kids are conversant with to explain complicated concepts. And since the student to teacher ratio in most international schools in Singapore is low, students receive one-on-one assistance from teachers.

Immersed in a new culture

International schools offer students an opportunity to be immersed in a new culture. Since a large percentage of the students in most international schools in Singapore are from different nationalities, your child will have an excellent opportunity to broaden his horizon and understand different cultures. You never know, he may even pick up a second language.

Some international schools have cultural appreciation classes that are focused on creating a heightened awareness for cultures. This exposure is surely going to help your kids in his formative years

Preparation for further study

An international school curriculum is designed to prepare students for further studies in years to come. A survey carried by ACS international school shows that international school student has a better range of soft skills such as critical and independent thinking and time management.

Extra curriculum activities

An international school creates a window for kids to engage in extra curriculum activities that can improve their cognitive abilities. These activities range from robotics to imagination games and mathematics.

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Challenges Facing International Schools in Singapore

Over the last couple of years, the number of international schools in Singapore has drastically increased to meet the ever-growing needs of expatriates. Because of their high teaching standards and sophisticated teaching equipment, even locals are considering sending their children to them.

If you are new to international schools or you don’t really know a lot about them, you may assume that they don’t have any challenges. But that is far from the truth. You see, many international schools in Singapore are facing a lot of challenges that you may have little or no idea about.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of them, as well as some strategic ways they are trying to scale through them.

Helping every child reach their full potential

The goal of every international school in Singapore is to help their students reach their potential. But this is not always easy because of the language barrier and a few other factors. To scale through this challenge, all staff must work together to closely monitor and identify the performance and needs of each student early. Some international schools have special support systems and enrichment classes to help kids that need extra help reach their potential.

Personalised learning

This is another challenge that most international schools face and for good reasons. Since no two kids are completely the same, you cannot expect them to perform at the same level academically. While some kids can grasp difficult subjects easily, there are others that need extra help or one-on-one attention to reach their potential. To address this problem, international schools are digging deep into the cognitive profile of each of their students to figure out ways to help them learn quicker. Some international schools also offer a personalized, varied, and challenging diet that keeps the mind of kids engaged.

Recruiting qualified teachers

The next challenge international school face is that of finding qualified teachers that can teach difficult subjects in a fun way. The process of identifying teachers who are passionate about teaching and learning is rigorous. To deal with this challenge, international schools must choose from the top talents in the global pool of teachers. Before a teacher is hired, he or she must first be scrutinized. This means learning about their teaching history, experience level, and so on.

Dealing with the high demands for international school

Since the early 2000s, the number of international schools in Singapore has drastically increased. Since many expat and local parents are sending their kids to them, international schools are faced with the challenge of addressing the unique needs of the students enrolling in them. To solve this issue, international schools are investing in specialist teachers and top-notch facilities that will enable them to address the needs of each of their students with relative ease.

These are just a handful of the challenges faced by international schools in Singapore and other parts of the world and some innovative ways that they are addressing them.

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Everything you need to know before enrolling your child into GESS international school

As a parent, choosing among the many schools in Singapore is likely going to be a dilemma for you because there are so many options. To increase the chances of you selecting a good one, you should pick among the most reputable and popular schools in Singapore. The reason for this is that these schools have a proven track record. Also, they have helped many children perform better and ultimately reach their potential. Even more so, there are countless positive reviews on them.

GESS singapore international school is presently one of the best schools in Singapore. If you currently only know little or possibly nothing about them, you are likely going to be curious as to what their values, curriculum, and enrichment curriculum is like and why they are considered one of the best.


The following article by Tracy Tristram shares more on the GESS preschool program and what goes into this important decision of selecting the best education for you child.

Parent review: Everything you want to know about the GESS preschool programme

Searching for an international school in Singapore that ticks all the boxes – location, curriculum, pricing and facilities – can lead to sleepless nights and huge indecisiveness. We get it. So, we’ve found a little trick that really does help make your decision process easier. Read more here.

The article relates on the curriculum GESS offers, their values, qualification of their teachers, their English and German enrichment classes and many more. If you are curious, you should consider visiting the school in person and having an organic experience. Doing this will put you in a better position to determine if it will be a good school for your child.


This article by constructionplusasia will give you a better picture of the size, facilities and capacity of GESS international school.

German European School Singapore Campus

German European School Singapore (GESS) recently officially opened its SGD135 million campus at Dairy Farm Lane. The 30,500-square-metre campus has a capacity for 2,000 students, catering to the European community. Read more here.

GESS is a large school with state-of-the-art facilities to facilitate deep learning. Over the years, GESS international school has received several awards because of its high standards, excellent learning environment, and qualified teachers. GESS international school has accomplished something that only a handful of schools in Singapore have successfully been able to do – it has integrated into its neighborhood and opened its doors to local groups.


This straitstimes article discusses how GESS has encouraged community involvement and integrated with its neighborhood.

International school opens facilities to local groups

German European School Singapore (GESS), an international school that officially opened its new, $135 million campus yesterday, is offering the use of its facilities to community organisations. In his speech at the opening ceremony, the school’s principal, Mr Christoph Zaenglein, said: “(You can) further integrate yourselves into the local community, provide more activities where the people living in this neighbourhood can feel they are a part of your community, feel a sense of ownership and camaraderie with you. We hope that this will be a beginning to more such events which will give students from the local community a reason to visit our school and use our facilities too.”  Read more here.

GESS is a preferred school not just because it boasts high teaching standards, qualified teachers, top-notch learning equipment, libraries, and excellent learning environments but also because it seeks to give back to and improve its community. A school that embodies such values is a nurturing and positive character-building influence on your child’s growth.


Final note

GESS international school is presently one of the best international schools in Singapore. The reason for this is that it has very high teaching standards, qualified teachers, and conducive learning environment. It has also received various awards over the years. Another notable thing about GESS is that it goes beyond just teaching and helping students. GESS also believes in giving back to the community.

So in your search for a school of holistic growth for your child, and if you are looking for a reputable school with many positive reviews and a good track record, then you should consider enrolling your child into GESS international school – a choice many parents found easy to make.


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How to Get Ready for IB

You finally decided to give IB a go, as you believe this course will prepare you for the future. You should pat yourself on the back for making the right decision. If you plan on entering a Private School Singapore, you should take a look at GESS top International School. Go through this website so that you can make the right decision:

Even though this course is challenging, there are several ways you can prepare for it in your free time. Here are three tips which will help you get ready for the IB life:

Familiarize yourself with the contents of the course
The beauty of IB is that you get the opportunity to select from a wide range of subjects, something you won’t find in the regular curriculum. Due to this reason, you are excited about learning new subjects, which you wanted to study.
However, if you are taking up subjects you haven’t touched before, it is essential to familiarize yourself about them. Take some of your free time to learn about all the topics these subjects will cover. You can read blogs, watch videos, or even borrow books from your local library, which will help you establish a good foundation.

Keep yourself organized
One of the reasons why students find IB difficult is because they tend to complete assignments at the last minute. For example, you have to turn in 4,000-word essay, as they are a part of the curriculum. Imagine all the stress you would have to go through if you did it in less than 24 hours.

There are several challenges you will face throughout the IB course. To tackle these problems, while ensuring you meet all the deadlines, you need to organize your life. Remember, you can’t bring about a 100% change in your life, as you will find it almost impossible to stick to your new schedule. Instead, make small changes, until every aspect of your life becomes organized.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses
Due to the challenges of this course, it is essential that you understand your strengths and weaknesses. You need to spend a huge portion of your time studying various subjects so that you can ace your exams at the end of the course. By knowing about your strengths and weaknesses, you can take the necessary actions to ensure they don’t pull you down while studying.

These are the three tips you must follow at all costs so that you can get ready for IB. The course is incredible because it gives you the opportunity to build your experience, knowledge, and skills!

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