Challenges Facing International Schools in Singapore

Over the last couple of years, the number of international schools in Singapore has drastically increased to meet the ever-growing needs of expatriates. Because of their high teaching standards and sophisticated teaching equipment, even locals are considering sending their children to them.

If you are new to international schools or you don’t really know a lot about them, you may assume that they don’t have any challenges. But that is far from the truth. You see, many international schools in Singapore are facing a lot of challenges that you may have little or no idea about.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of them, as well as some strategic ways they are trying to scale through them.

Helping every child reach their full potential

The goal of every international school in Singapore is to help their students reach their potential. But this is not always easy because of the language barrier and a few other factors. To scale through this challenge, all staff must work together to closely monitor and identify the performance and needs of each student early. Some international schools have special support systems and enrichment classes to help kids that need extra help reach their potential.

Personalised learning

This is another challenge that most international schools face and for good reasons. Since no two kids are completely the same, you cannot expect them to perform at the same level academically. While some kids can grasp difficult subjects easily, there are others that need extra help or one-on-one attention to reach their potential. To address this problem, international schools are digging deep into the cognitive profile of each of their students to figure out ways to help them learn quicker. Some international schools also offer a personalized, varied, and challenging diet that keeps the mind of kids engaged.

Recruiting qualified teachers

The next challenge international school face is that of finding qualified teachers that can teach difficult subjects in a fun way. The process of identifying teachers who are passionate about teaching and learning is rigorous. To deal with this challenge, international schools must choose from the top talents in the global pool of teachers. Before a teacher is hired, he or she must first be scrutinized. This means learning about their teaching history, experience level, and so on.

Dealing with the high demands for international school

Since the early 2000s, the number of international schools in Singapore has drastically increased. Since many expat and local parents are sending their kids to them, international schools are faced with the challenge of addressing the unique needs of the students enrolling in them. To solve this issue, international schools are investing in specialist teachers and top-notch facilities that will enable them to address the needs of each of their students with relative ease.

These are just a handful of the challenges faced by international schools in Singapore and other parts of the world and some innovative ways that they are addressing them.

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