Everything you need to know before enrolling your child into GESS international school

As a parent, choosing among the many schools in Singapore is likely going to be a dilemma for you because there are so many options. To increase the chances of you selecting a good one, you should pick among the most reputable and popular schools in Singapore. The reason for this is that these schools have a proven track record. Also, they have helped many children perform better and ultimately reach their potential. Even more so, there are countless positive reviews on them.

GESS singapore international school is presently one of the best schools in Singapore. If you currently only know little or possibly nothing about them, you are likely going to be curious as to what their values, curriculum, and enrichment curriculum is like and why they are considered one of the best.


The following article by Tracy Tristram shares more on the GESS preschool program and what goes into this important decision of selecting the best education for you child.

Parent review: Everything you want to know about the GESS preschool programme

Searching for an international school in Singapore that ticks all the boxes – location, curriculum, pricing and facilities – can lead to sleepless nights and huge indecisiveness. We get it. So, we’ve found a little trick that really does help make your decision process easier. Read more here.

The article relates on the curriculum GESS offers, their values, qualification of their teachers, their English and German enrichment classes and many more. If you are curious, you should consider visiting the school in person and having an organic experience. Doing this will put you in a better position to determine if it will be a good school for your child.


This article by constructionplusasia will give you a better picture of the size, facilities and capacity of GESS international school.

German European School Singapore Campus

German European School Singapore (GESS) recently officially opened its SGD135 million campus at Dairy Farm Lane. The 30,500-square-metre campus has a capacity for 2,000 students, catering to the European community. Read more here.

GESS is a large school with state-of-the-art facilities to facilitate deep learning. Over the years, GESS international school has received several awards because of its high standards, excellent learning environment, and qualified teachers. GESS international school has accomplished something that only a handful of schools in Singapore have successfully been able to do – it has integrated into its neighborhood and opened its doors to local groups.


This straitstimes article discusses how GESS has encouraged community involvement and integrated with its neighborhood.

International school opens facilities to local groups

German European School Singapore (GESS), an international school that officially opened its new, $135 million campus yesterday, is offering the use of its facilities to community organisations. In his speech at the opening ceremony, the school’s principal, Mr Christoph Zaenglein, said: “(You can) further integrate yourselves into the local community, provide more activities where the people living in this neighbourhood can feel they are a part of your community, feel a sense of ownership and camaraderie with you. We hope that this will be a beginning to more such events which will give students from the local community a reason to visit our school and use our facilities too.”  Read more here.

GESS is a preferred school not just because it boasts high teaching standards, qualified teachers, top-notch learning equipment, libraries, and excellent learning environments but also because it seeks to give back to and improve its community. A school that embodies such values is a nurturing and positive character-building influence on your child’s growth.


Final note

GESS international school is presently one of the best international schools in Singapore. The reason for this is that it has very high teaching standards, qualified teachers, and conducive learning environment. It has also received various awards over the years. Another notable thing about GESS is that it goes beyond just teaching and helping students. GESS also believes in giving back to the community.

So in your search for a school of holistic growth for your child, and if you are looking for a reputable school with many positive reviews and a good track record, then you should consider enrolling your child into GESS international school – a choice many parents found easy to make.


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