What to Look Out for When Choosing a Nursery School for Your Child

Finally, your child has grown up and you are looking for the best nursery school for him/her to study. You are also concerned with safety and security of your child along with quality of education he/she is going to have. Selecting the right school for a child is one of the most essential and crucial step every parent has to take and it becomes the building block of their long career ahead.

The article will study some of the existing nursery schools in Singapore and what features they are offering, so helping parents in selecting the best one for their infants.

Nursey schools in Singapore are filled with all features which help child learning skills. There are some expensive, other affordable schools; all offering different programs, knowledge base and best learning experiences to kids.

  • British Council Nursery School in Singapore: the pre-school working under the umbrella of British Council works with both EYFS, i.e., Early school foundation years and KCF, i.e., Kindergarten Curriculum Framework, Singapore. It believes in developing the child as a complete individual while emphasizing on hand on knowledge. They offer services like separate Kindergarten to kids of ages 4, 5 and 6 along with pre-nursery to even younger kids.
  • Wharton Nursery/Pre-School for kids: If you want your child to have utmost attention of the child with low teacher student ratio, then Wharton pre-school has this feature to offer. They accept kids as small as 18 months and as big as 6 years. The school understands that each child is unique with different capabilities, thus each child needs different attention, which is only possible if teachers is able to give time to every child. The curriculum designed is also customized, keeping in view every child’s learning requirements and abilities.
  • Masterminds Kindergarten: The overall ambiance of the nursery school is also crucial for offering productive learning opportunities to kids. Singapore is also rich in nursery schools providing safe and healthy environment for kids to grow, learn and grasp knowledge through different activities. This school is offering curriculum, which has been designed for keeping in view the future needs and requirements of the schools. Also critical thinking process and holistic development is also enforced through learning practices.
  • Dover Court international: It is one of the British schools operating in Singapore. It is for kids of age 1,2 and 3 and curriculum is designed in relation to early years foundation stage.
  • MOE Kindergarten: If you intend to send your child to nursery for some hours and also require flexibility of morning or evening session, then check with MOE kindergarten. They work for 4 hours only and in both morning as well as evening session. Parents have freedom of getting their child enrolled in either of the session for four hours.
  • Little hands nursery school: This particular school is special because it emphasizes on learning through joyful and fun related activities. They want students to grasp information through engaging their senses, like sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Snack being offered in the school are also offered in the same manner.

It all depends upon the age as well as the learning capabilities of the child as where he/she has to be engaged in nursery schools. Decision is all up to you, however one needs to proper see all the available option and then decide accordingly.

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