Why Many Singaporean and Expat Parents in Singapore are Sending their Kids to International Schools

More and more Singaporean parents and expatriates are sending their kids to international schools, and for good reasons. Unlike public schools, international schools have a fierce reputation for preparing kids to study in any of the best universities in the world. Their curriculum helps students become creative and think more strategically.

Over the years, the international schools in Singapore have helped a lot of students reach their potential and do exceptionally well in core subjects like math, English, and science, just to mention a few.

But things were not always this way. You see, a while back, international schools weren’t mainstream. It was even difficult for expat parents to narrow down a good one because in the area the relocated to they were only a few of them available back then. This slowly changed when they improved their teaching standards and hired well-trained and qualified teachers that can impart knowledge to students with relative ease. 

Read on to find out why many parents in Singapore are sending their kids to international schools.

They prepare students to study abroad

An international school curriculum is somewhat different from public school. They are specifically designed to prepare students to study at top-rated universities abroad. So, if you plan on sending your child to study abroad, then it is wise you send him to an international school. There, he will learn how to interact with people from different nationalities. Also, he will be taught how to speak popular languages like English and Mandarin that is spoken in most universities in the world.

Conducive learning environment

The learning area of most international schools in Singapore is quite impressive. Many of them are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and systems that facilitate learning and encourage creativity. In fact, some of them have unique tools to help kids with special needs.

Qualified teachers

International schools have highly trained teachers that know how to help students improve their cognitive abilities and reach their potential. These teachers make use of things that the kids are conversant with to explain complicated concepts. And since the student to teacher ratio in most international schools in Singapore is low, students receive one-on-one assistance from teachers.

Immersed in a new culture

International schools offer students an opportunity to be immersed in a new culture. Since a large percentage of the students in most international schools in Singapore are from different nationalities, your child will have an excellent opportunity to broaden his horizon and understand different cultures. You never know, he may even pick up a second language.

Some international schools have cultural appreciation classes that are focused on creating a heightened awareness for cultures. This exposure is surely going to help your kids in his formative years

Preparation for further study

An international school curriculum is designed to prepare students for further studies in years to come. A survey carried by ACS international school shows that international school student has a better range of soft skills such as critical and independent thinking and time management.

Extra curriculum activities

An international school creates a window for kids to engage in extra curriculum activities that can improve their cognitive abilities. These activities range from robotics to imagination games and mathematics.

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