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Enrichment classes for Children in Singapore

For kids between the age of 6 months and 6 years, there are some enrichment classes offered in Singapore. Some are focused towards language learning while others offer various extracurricular activities such as drama, music, ballet or sports. This article will share some classes which are designed to offer enrichment courses for children. They are:

  • Time to learn Chinese: If your child is not fond of learning Mandarin, then you have reached the right spot. Mandarin enrichment centres help children develop skill sets for learning Mandarin. This includes creative writing, different cultural programs and language assignments. To help kids fall in love with Mandarin, the program engages students and children through various activities. In addition, some enrichment centres conduct an Annual Cultural night to foster familiarity with Chinese heritage and mandarin language.
  • Thinking skills enrichment: Some parents are too concerned with regards to the learning capabilities of their children. There are certain centres in Singapore designed to stimulate a higher level of learning for children. These centres adopt a student-centric approach which puts emphasis on maximum interaction and creative problem-solving techniques. Kids also get a chance to exercise their thinking patterns, evaluate and analyse situations rather just listening to teachers. Curriculum include using pictures, role plays, music and some tools of social media for learning purpose, which kids enjoy and love to learn with.
  • Learning English centres: Some enrichment schools in Singapore specialise in helping children learn the English language. Through these enrichment classes, children can improve and develop an interest in the English language. From vocabulary to phonics and creative writing, your child will learn to understand and appreciate the beauty of literature from a young age. For younger children, learning the English language can be difficult. However, these centres make language learning easy and fun as well.
  • Conceptual learning: Some enrichment programs focus on practical learning. If parents want their children to learn based on key concepts and central ideas rather than traditional focused learning, then these centres are will help you achieve your conceptual learning goals. Furthermore, these centres also engage in reading and writing activities and sessions, which helps your kids gain confident and enhance cognitive capabilities in them.
  • Art learning centres: Some enrichment schools provide art, drama and speech lessons to children. Kids enhance their skills for English language, participate in drama and different role play activities where their spoken and language skills are enhanced.
  • Reading and writing learning centres: For younger children, between the ages of 8 months to 6 years, reading and writing enrichment schools can help improve their speech, writing and reading skills. Under the supervision of subject specialist teachers, children participate in different activities which are creative and meaningful. Thus preparing them for future school requirements. Apart from this, children also participate in different singing, movement, reading and role playing activities.
  • Learn French language: If you want, your child to become multilingual and learn different languages, then some enrichment classes offer such courses as well. French classes are one such example, in which kids as small as 1 year of age get the chance to dance, sing songs, share stories and engage in different role play, mainly in French.

It is pertinent to mention that lot of enrichment centres in Singapore are offering different courses, sessions and interactive classes for children for all age groups. Some foster language skills in kids, while others are focused on building confidence in children. Based upon the capabilities and learning skills of children, they should be enrolled in a particular enrichment centre to benefit most from them. If you wish to learn more about enrichment classes, do visit Wonder Years Singapore for more information.