A sneak peek at what children learn in preschool

Truth be told, the tuition of many prestigious preschools in Singapore is very high. Because of this, only parents that are rolling in cash can send their kids to these schools.

If you are like most parents in Singapore, you likely may have made a few sacrifices to ensure that you send your child to a great preschool.

Even after enrolling your little one into a preschool, a part of you may wonder if your kid is learning something important or is playing around all day while he is in school. If you are looking for a preschool in Singapore, you can find more information here.

The following article by Krissy discusses what kids learn and do in preschool.

What Do Kids Learn in Preschool? + 24 Activities, Too!

Yes, we’re jumping backward, out of order, in our education series today. We’ve already shared what kids learn in Kindergarten and First Grade, but I was inspired by B-Inspired Mama sponsor Childtime to step back and share about preschool learning, too. Do you have a little one going off to preschool this school year?  Here’s what they might learn while they’re there. Read more here.

As you likely saw in the above article, kids don’t play all day in preschool; instead, they learn about counting, numbers, basic shapes, colors, and the alphabet. If you enroll your kid in a great preschool, they will help him develop his gross motor skill, fine motor skills, and social skill. Read the next article carefully if you are looking for a good preschool for your little one.

The following article by Kidmatters sheds light on 5 things parents should consider when choosing a preschool for their kid.

5 Things to Look For When Selecting A Preschool For Your Little One!

Where did all that time go? Suddenly, you were holding your little one in your arms. Now, he’s ready to walk, talk and LEARN! A quality early childhood education programme is important because it gives children a good head start to their primary school education. First-time parents might be overwrought about sending your beloved to only the best school ever! Thanks to recent announcements during the National Day Rally 2019, you’re now spoilt for choice and better options regardless of your background in view of enhancements and increased subsidies.  Read more here.

If you read the above article carefully, you likely came across factors like teachers to students ratio, curriculum, food, and safety that parents should pay attention to when choosing a preschool for their kid. If you want your child to get the best care and attention, you should consider sending him to a private school.

The following article by world-schools unveils some of the best private schools in Singapore.

 The Best Private Schools in Singapore

Parents generally choose private schools because they offer a strong academic program, create the perfect studying environment with smaller classes, outstanding campuses and offer a wide choice of extracurricular activities such as sports and arts. Private schools also put more emphasis on specialties like art, music and athletics and many focus on integrating important 21st century skills in their programs. Read more here.

As you probably saw in the above article, private schools are somewhat better than public schools, as they pay close attention to the need of each student and put more emphasis on specialties like athletics, art, and music that can stir up the creativity in kids and ultimately help them reach their full potential.

Final note

Enrolling your child in a preschool is one of the best ways to give him a head start in life.

Most preschools in Singapore can help kids improve their fine and gross motor skills and teach them how to identify shapes, color, numbers, and many more.

Of course, you have the freedom to enroll your kid either into a public preschool or a private one. But if you want him to develop faster, you should consider sending him to a private preschool.  

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