Activities for Toddlers: Literacy and Motor Skills Growth

From the day we are born, we have an incessant desire to understand the world. And, literacy helps to do that. Literacy traditionally stands for reading and writing in a meaningful way. Although these are essential elements, literacy is more than that. Journeys to literacy also include drawing, playing word games, singing, and talking as well. 

These cannot be developed overnight. So, children are encouraged to take part in various learning activities regularly. Talking about animals, birds, and different household items is a great way to improve literacy. Reciting rhymes and mimicking different sounds also help to improve literacy in babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Reading and other book-based activities are also very effective for improving the literacy of the kids. Reading books with kids is another good literacy activity. Always encourage the kid to take the lead. But never push. Involve them in doodles and drawing different shapes

As your kid reaches the school-going age, Involve them in talking. This will develop their communication and understanding. They should take part in singing, drawing, listing many things appropriate to their ages.

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Indoor Physical Activities Are Important for Toddlers

Taking kids out for activities is good but that might not always be possible. In such cases, there is no other alternative than to keep your babies active with indoor games.

Unstructured indoor games are those that the kids play themselves. These gave them freedom of imagination and control. As no fear of failure is involved, the kids feel relaxed. But, these are not directed to any goal, and, for this, structured indoor plays are preferred for ensuring the growth of the toddlers.

Parents can help the toddlers learn to climb over pillows or crawling through hollow objects for improving their motor skills. Playing hide & seek is also a great way to train them to consider various possibilities as they search for you. Also, involve them every day in yoga, stretching, balancing, ball activities, etc for fun engagement and growth as well.

Parents can also take their kids to indoor play areas and theme parks. Going to these places the kids gain new experiences in a safe and weather-proof environment. They also learn to think creatively.

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You Can Keep Toddlers Busy Using These Methods at Home

Toddlers bubble up with energy and look for continuous stimulation. It is okay when you take them outdoors. But, there are times when you cannot go out for weather or any other reason. Things start getting tricky then.

Maybe you are a tired parent. Naturally, you will not be able to cope up with endless energies of your babies. So, you have to give them something to stay engaged so that you can have some relaxation.

The main purpose of these indoor playing arrangements is to provide your babies something to think and also make things themselves. you can let them wash toy cars with soapy water. Playing with squishy water beads, making a snake with buttons, and painting sidewalks with cornstarch paint also make attractive indoor game options.

You can keep these games ready for them well in advance and use them when needed. These are great to develop unique hand & eye coordination, cognitive, and motor skills. These are great to keep toddlers creatively engaged, in the present situation, when families are under quarantine due to COVID-19 pandemic.

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