Making Learning Fun in Singapore

Learning is fun, but other children don’t see and feel it because some schools and some teachers don’t make it fun. Children have a short span of attention that is why teachers and schools have to adjust to that. If a class only does pure lectures and discussion, then the child would probably feel bored and start to make noise instead. They also wouldn’t be able to enjoy staying in school if that is the case. There are a lot of things that teachers could do in order to keep children entertained.

At Chengzhu Chinese kindergarten, children will learn Mandarin in an immersive environment that includes music, storytelling, art & craft and develop the confidence to use Mandarin in their daily lives. If you are keen for your child to master Mandarin you should visit their page.

If you hear the words ‘Chinese lesson’, what usually comes to mind is mere discussion and lectures. However, Hester will share to us a guide to Chinese classes, playgroups, and schools in Singapore.

The Sassy Mama Guide to Chinese Classes, Playgroups and Schools in Singapore

One of the most useful gifts you can give a child is the ability to speak more than one language, and here in Singapore it’s so easy to expose your little linguist to 2, 3 or even more foreign languages! With heaps of fun ways for kids to learn Chinese, we’ve rounded up the best in Mandarin classes, playgroups and even a childcare centre or two, to help your little ones on their way to fluency.

Enrichment Classes

 The bee’s knees of Mandarin enrichment centres, Berries World of Learning is one of the most popular language schools in Singapore! With a fun-filled multi-sensory approach to teaching Chinese, littlies from 3 years old age learn through hands-on, creative projects and plenty of social interaction. Just be warned mama… the wait list is looooooooooong! Read more here.

Provided above are some of the best language schools and enrichment classes in Singapore. The schools’ approach to learning are loved by the students because they give a different touch to it. In an article by Mind Champs, we are going to read about a Chinese kindergarten which offers outdoor classroom to pre-schoolers

Chinese Kindergarten Offers Outdoor Classroom to Preschoolers

Learning Chinese does more than boosting one’s literacy skills – it also enables us to explore the origins of one of the most ancient cultures of the world.

Studies have shown that bilingualism helps children gain better long-term cognitive outcomes. Not only will they be more creative and flexible, their memory, attention span and language skills will improve as well.

If you are looking to provide and build a strong foundation in the Chinese language for your children, attending a Chinese kindergarten such as MindChamps Chinese PreSchool might be a great choice to help you work towards this goal. Read on to know more about the MindChamps Chinese PreSchool curriculum and how lessons are conducted with an interesting twist at MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Thomson. Read more here.

That was fun! Imagine your children sitting inside the classroom all day while lessons are going on versus your children having lessons outside the classroom. Students would enjoy nature walks and other outdoor activities.  In addition to a fun learning, The Asian Parent will share to us a review about Chinese Kindergarten, one of the schools in Singapore which has a different approach to learning.

Chinese Kindergarten – Review

Ricky Wadi, like any other four-year-old, loves running around. However the mere mention of school and Ricky stands still, breathing heavily. Asking him the reason for the sudden stillness and he replies “I can’t run and climb at school. I’m always in the classroom,” he mumbles with a downcast look.

Like Ricky, many children are stuck in a rigid system of learning daily, with minimal activity being displayed. As parents place higher expectations for their children to grow academically, the importance of play, and even exercise are lost.

However, not convinced that gyms and space to run around freely are facing a shortage in Singapore, TheAsianParent dug and unearthed one centre that has just about the most eye-catching gym equipment on the island! Read more here.

Chinese Kindergarten provided us with a different approach to learning. They believe that the importance of play and exercise should also be introduced in school that is why they have gym classes for physical development. It is true that academic success would be useless if you are physically unhealthy. We should always understand that a child is curious about the world that is why we should not limit them from the traditional lectures, instead we should indulge them in exploring the world.

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