What’s So Unique about Nursery Schools in Singapore?

The birth of a baby is the beautiful miracle for parents. It involves utmost effort and hard work. Every stage of the child development is crucial and requires decision making by parents at every step. As soon as the child reaches the age of 3 or 4, parents start thinking about their schooling and here comes the kindergarten and nursery schools. Nursery time are very essential during the early stages of child development. He/she learn to develop language, social norms, group working, interaction with others and getting involved in the environment. So the question, is what is so special about nursery in Singapore and why is it crucial for every child to go through it? More information about nursery school curriculum can be found here: https://mylittlecampus.com.sg/our-services/nursery/

Helps to create routines

It is true that nursery is all about fun and activities, it also includes curriculum and proper programme in place. The program consists of lesson plans as well as learning objectives. It is true that when environment is thrilling and competitive, kids tend to work hard and thrive hard for it. Every activity and program also helps to familiarise the child on everyday routines like learning good bye, good morning, thank you, mealtimes, bath times etc.

Engage in social settings and learn social norms

Social interaction is very important for kids when they encounter the outside world. They see new faces, new people and learn to communicate with people other than their own family. They also learn to empathize and work in groups. Kids tend to understand their own selves and personal beings, about their likes and dislikes and about other kids.

Learning through play is fun

Apart from rot learning and classroom learning, kids get a chance to learn practically through their toys and play. What is special about nursery schools in Singapore is that they emphasize physical, emotional and mental learning through play and other development activities. It also involves storytelling, which is backed by moral learning, so kids get to know what happens when they do good and what happens when they do bad. Making connections between different learning patterns, plans, causes, sequences and plans help them in exploring the knowledge through different dimensions.

Learning independence in a group setting

The nursery curriculum in Singapore also fosters working alone and some “ME” time for students. Thus, it is not only about social interaction and learning social norms, it is also about being alone with oneself. Kids can engage in different activities during solo time, think critically and emphasize problem solving actions.

Physical activities are also essential

Kids get a chance to engage them in some physical activities in the form of sports and physical exertion.  Rather than staying home and watching TV, or playing gadgets all day long, it is time kids involve their physical as well as mental capabilities. This way their cognitive and motor skills, both are developed, and physical strength is also boost.

Let’s Enjoy Nursery school

It is all about enjoyment and fun, that kids enjoy their time at nursery school which is full of number of activities and fun time. Proper learning methods help them to prepare them for future schooling and tougher routines, which lie ahead.

Selecting the right nursery school at Singapore is essential. It is pertinent to mention that all learning processes being taught in nursery schools in Singapore are properly designed keeping in mind the emotional, physical and mental requirements of every child.

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